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About Proxy

Proxy is a network of freelancers located throughout the world. We make sites exclusively with Elementor and focus on making modern, fully branded websites for clients in many industries. We’ve been featured on Elementor’s top 10 list multiple times!

About this position

Highly efficient project management is the cornerstone of all of our projects and arguably our #1 deciding factor for converting prospects into clients. As a result, this is a very important position.

You must have good people skills and know every aspect of a project and communicating regularly with clients and designers both in chat and Zoom meetings. You must be a highly dedicated, efficient, and intelligent project manager with at least one full year of experience managing an effective web design team. You must also be an Elementor expert capable of determining ideal solutions for customer goals while keeping client usability and site speed at the forefront of your decisions.

Sales will be completed by others, but you will wear a lot of hats and know how to balance them! You’ll be nudging clients for decisions, copywriting and other assets needed to complete projects. Other responsibilities include making sure deadlines are met, quality assurance, designs match instructions and client goals, minor tweaks to existing sitemaps, launching websites, and most importantly… making clients smile!

You’ll be supplied with the following for each project:

  • client discovery document

  • current brand assets

  • inspiration examples

  • detailed instructions

  • site map showing all pages to be completed

  • Nifty project management board with editor level permissions complete with milestone and task planning


Compensation based on experience.

All Proxy team members operate as independent contractors. Contractors are hired by gig and not for full time salaried positions. New projects are coming in regularly.  We can provide regular work for the right person, enough to make a comfortable living, with room to earn more, but we’re very picky about who we hire. If you think you’re a good fit, we want to hear from you!

  1. Work when and where you want

  2. Regular steady supply of projects

  3. Opportunity for raises and career advancement

  4. All payment transaction fees covered by Proxy

  5. Payment is direct deposited in currency of your choice

The first project is a trial paying only $675. If you succeed, all subsequent jobs are $1350 for standard sites, and more if it’s a larger job, advanced website, or Woocommerce project. Most advanced projects pay $1800. All projects (including trial) are paid half up front and half when finished.

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