Hollandsegokken.nl User Review

First Impression

Using Dutch on an American market will turn away 99% of users, but that aside it’s not immediately apparent what this site does. Is it a casino? Is it a repository of discount codes?


Studies show conversions reduce drastically for sites that take longer than 2 seconds to load. The longer it takes, the more likely the user is to bounce. Your site loads in under 2 seconds from across the ocean! Congrats! Whatever you are doing, keep it up!


Unfortunately, the language barrier makes it difficult to judge the copy accurately. Just from what I could translate, there are no direct call-to-actions and the copy looks long and highly unorganized.

Overall Look

The overall look was cluttered and home made. It was clearly not professionally designed.

Ease of Use

Technically okay from a user’s perspective. You click an affiliate link, and it takes you there!

Brand Messaging

It looks as if little thought was put into branding. The business name can not transcend geographic markets. There was a .nl in the logo. Including the url suffix in a logo is pretty dated. There were no consistent brand elements and nothing unique to Hollandsegokken. Try using a unified icon style or creating some illustrations that represent who you are.


SSL certificate looks good. However, I’d like to see some some user reviews or social media proof the brand is legitimate.


Looks good, but could be tweaked a bit further for a more mobile first experience, which google considers in ranking determinations. The navigation is multi-line on some screen sizes. From what I could tell, the brand is focused on mobile gaming, so mobile first is key!


There were a lot of broken and mismatched layouts, but no apparent bugs.

Bad Design

Lack of contrast made it difficult to read. Too much next and not enough hierarchy and image breaks.

Unclear Copywriting

Please consider using a language translation toggle.


Too many different button styles. Best practice is to limit to two types.

Sales Friction Points

Unsure what primary goal for user is. Consider gamifying the site and offering special codes for power users, free giveaways, targeted campaigns etc. As it stands now, there is no clear motivation for user.

Security Concerns

SSL is good. Keep plug-ins up to date to prevent attacks.

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